Setting Up Your Own Branch

Music is a powerful force that can connect people of all backgrounds both at local and international level. 

There are over 400 Comhaltas branches around the world, sharing their love of traditional Irish music, song and dance, and the Irish language, with their local communities. 

If you would like to become a part of this global community by setting up your own branch in your own community, we’re here to help.

To set up your own branch you will need:

–  At least 10 members
–  Links in the area (eg. schools, community centres, etc.)
–  Access to a suitable premises for classes, sessions, and branch activities.
–  Commitment and dedication to see a vision become a reality.

Follow these steps in accordance with the Constitution of Comhaltas:

  1. Notify the County or Regional Board of your intention and obtain permission for same.
  2. Call a meeting of all those interested in the movement and invite the County or Regional Board to send a representative.
  3. Elect the required officers, collect the membership fees and make the required returns, including public liability insurance premium, to the County or Regional Board.
  4. The County or Regional Board will assist the Branch in planning a programme of activities, and will generally instruct the branch on matters relating to Comhaltas.
  5. After formation, the Branch will fully involve itself in County or Regional Board affairs.

For further details and assistance please Contact Us.